Beara Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Barrelled and laid down in the Great Norther Distillery, our Single Grain Irish Whiskey is finished in Beara with the infusion of clear spring waters from the Caha Mountains that divide the peninsula and separate Cork and Kerry, before being carefully bottled.

Grain column distilled Irish whiskey is distilled using maize and a lesser amount of malted barley. The grains are hammer milled, exposing the inside of the grain, to form a grist. The grain then goes through a mashing process. Mashing involves a cooking and conversion stage to produce a wort for fermentation. The wort is fermented for a specific period before distillation. Grain whiskey is distilled in a continuous triple distilled process in large vertical columns. The grain spirit is distilled until an ABV of 94% is reached. Our single grain is then reduced to cask strength, transferred to our Virgin Oak 200 litre casks, where it remains until reaching maturity. When our whiskey is ready for bottling it is further reduced to bottling strength. The spring water used to reduce our whiskey is filtered spring water from the Caha mountains that separate Co Cork and Co Kerry and divide the Beara Peninsula.

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Tasting Notes

On the Nose: Beara Single Grain yields a crisp clean alcohol aroma.

On the Palate: A sweet vanilla flavour from the oak, backed with a fruity and peppercorn taste.

Finish: This smooth easy drinking spirit lingers on your palate making it a pleasurable experience.

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Beara Single Grain Irish Whiskey