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The Beara Distillery is a family-run distillery based in the Beara peninsula, Co. Cork, Ireland. The Power family set about this journey to build the Beara brand and a legacy for future generations here in Beara, producing Beara Ocean Gin, Beara Pink Ocean Gin, Beara Black Cask Blend Irish Whiskey, Beara Single Grain Irish Whiskey and Beara Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

Their aim is to build a portfolio of quality spirits that will please the palate of everyone who experiences them, leaving a memorable experience that it is reflective of their home on the much-celebrated Wild Atlantic Way.

They believe in the motto “The cure for everything is sea air and salt water”.
The coastal inspiration comes through loud and clear, and there is no doubt that their drinks make a great companion to seafood dishes. In the gins, the infused sea water and sugar kelp, along with Fuchsia, keep things interesting. The whiskey is finished using spring water from the Caha Mountains that divides the peninsula and separates Co Cork and Co Kerry.

For those who may not have had the pleasure of visiting the Beara peninsula, the flavour journey of all these spirts will transport you.

Our Story

the cure for everything is …
sea air and salt water

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inspired by our place …

The Beara Peninsula is a wild and unspoiled area like no other. A place blessed with timeless beauty. Off the beaten track of the main tourist routes, the land has provided inspiration for poets, writers, and musicians over thousands of years where one can experience Beara time. If you have ever visited the beautiful Beara Peninsula you will have experienced the feeling of time standing still. The brush of fresh and wild Atlantic air against the skin is a feeling like no other.

It creates a moment which you want to last forever, for in that instant you are at one with the sea and land and all your worries are given to the wind. The pace of life here is like nowhere else in the world. There is time to appreciate the scenery, time to hear nature in all her glory and time for the things that mean the most, family, creativity, good food and drink, music, and conversation. The Power family, founders of Beara Distillery, had a dream to capture and bottle the essence of the area and so Beara Distillery was born.

A deep knowledge of the peninsula meant they knew that spirits with the Beara name would need to be as special and as unforgettable as the peninsula itself. The multi award winning Beara Ocean Gin paved the way and so began the journey to find a whiskey that would be worthy to carry the Beara name. The blend of Column Distilled Grain and Triple Distilled Whiskey matured in charred and double charred American Oak casks is what gives Beara whiskey its deep distinctive colour and rich unforgettable flavour. On pouring Beara spirits you can get a taste for our beautiful land. It is the next best thing to the wild Atlantic breeze on your face and living in the moment on Beara time.

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Meet Our Range

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beara ocean gin

Inspired by our place

Beara Ocean Gin is a hand-crafted small batch gin. It is a blend of four Distillates. Our Base gin, distilled with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Cardamom and Orris root, citrus zest, using only the zest from pink grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime, Sugar Kelp, Seaweed grown in Bantry Bay and Fuschia flower.

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Beara Whiskeys

Our Whiskeys are selected from both new oak & ex-bourbon barrels. Spending Varied periods maturing in both Charred and re-charred Oak Barrels this achieves the smooth texture released from the wood. Our Single Malt is triple distilled in pot stills, while our Single Grain is multi distilled in a Column still. The Black cask blend is a mix of both Grain and Malt where both spend the duration in two cask types. It is this variation of casks & degrees of charring that makes our whiskey a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.

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Our Awards

the cure for everything is sea air and salt water

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